Spork Stealing

Tonight my gaming group spent five hours stealing a spork from a group of mages who had offered to sell it to us to begin with.  And had a blast doing it. 

I’d heard Mage was a phenomenally overpowered game…and really it is.  But it’s also a game in which you have the power to do absolutely anything you can imagine, which makes for some fabulous roleplaying moments.  (I used my phenomenal cosmic power to pants a man, for example.)  It’s also balanced by the fact that the larger you think, the more likely things are to go very, very badly for you. 

So we have a magic spork.  I’m still not entirely sure what the plot for the session was supposed to be.  We were offered a spork, spent several hours debating how to proceed, made a substitute spork, swapped, spied, got caught, and ran away.  And yet…so much fun.  I really like Mage.  It rewards you for BSing, thinking on your feet, and making crap up.

That is my kind of game.