Why Computer? Why?

I have fixed the scheduling, sort of.  I have mailed minis and washed shirts and set up our wireless network again. 

My laptop can see that we have a wireless network.

It can connect and allow me to write this post.

So WHY will our other computer not see that we have a wireless network?  WHY will it not connect?

Blah.  I know just enough about computers to feel like I should be able to fix it, but not enough to actually know what’s wrong.

I’m going to restart.  That’s my magic cure for all problems computer.  I’d feel bad about that if it didn’t fix the problem 75% of the time.

Update:  It worked.  I really sometimes wish I understood WHY these things worked.  I can usually fix our computer, I just never have any idea what changed between it working or not working, so I always leave the experience feeling like the computer was just playing tricks on me to amuse itself.