Exercises in Mimicry

Drew and I have been working on this cross-training project for Garden Ninja.  I’m learning to do everything he does for the business, and he’s learning to do everything I do.  I have the more time-consuming task–learning to paint well enough to pitch in with commissions if and when it becomes necessary.  I’ve been accomplishing this by copying minis he painted exactly–and it’s been really fantastic practice.  I’m certainly getting better, at any rate.

I have some photos up over at the Garden Ninja blog today.  Some of the minis in the photos were painted by me, and others were painted by Drew.  Click on over and let me know if you can tell mine from his.

(Also, just FYI, if any of you lj people are interested in following the Garden Ninja blog, I’ve set up a feed here so I can get it on my own friendspage.  It should be addable for everyone, if I did it right.)